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Thread: Fantasy/Speculative/Genre Publishers List

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    Quote Originally Posted by eqb View Post
    The problem is that your list depends on folks here adding and correcting information. For example, Tor Books (US/UK) are both an imprint of Macmillan. Jo Fletcher is a mid-sized publisher, not a large imprint. And are you counting YA publishers for this list, or only publishers for adult SF/F? And what about links?

    Just a few thoughts to make the list more useful.

    EQB - Have added links. Updated Jo Fletcher to small/medium publishers. Thanks! This list is primarily Adult SFF but can add YA too.

    Quote Originally Posted by sjeller View Post
    NineStar Press is a LGBTQAI+ publisher (small) and has a nice little selection of these types of stories with more coming soon. I'd certainly suggest them. No agent needed.
    sjeller - Thanks! Might add NineStar Press along with newer and/or digital publishers. I've heard really good things about them too, but I think they're still pretty new.
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