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Thread: Fantasy/Speculative/Genre Publishers List

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    Fantasy/Speculative/Genre Publishers List

    Okay, so I'm trying to list current markets for fantasy/genre/speculative fiction (and its many sub-genres), primarily Adult, but can add ones that publish YA too, current as of 2017. To my knowledge, these are all the major and smaller ones. Is there anything I've missed? Primarly focusing on reputable or established publishers here. (I may add separate lists for newer presses and/or digital only presses later.)

    The publishers who accept unagented submissions and/or occasionally have open doors are marked with asterisks (* if usually open, ** if sometimes open). Also separated them into UK, US, and Canada, but we can add more countries too. I think we should also try to separate them into lists of big, mid-size, and small presses. Will be interested to see other peoples' suggestions too and hope this is helpful.

    Note: I know this list will go out of date eventually, as a lot of the older lists on here have. But I think it's a good idea to have a current list for 2017 onwards and try to keep it updated. When searching for publishers, I've come across a lot of lists that were very out of date with publishers who have closed down, etc. So my research is thorough and pretty recent.

    Note 2: Always research a publisher before submitting to them to make sure they're legit. Most of the publishers below also have individual threads here on AW which I'll try to link to, that you should read. This is intended to just be a list of markets.



    Tor/Forge** Website / AW thread

    Baen Books* Website / AW thread

    Daw/Penguin* Website / AW thread

    Harper Voyager** Website / AW thread

    Doubleday (Knopf) Website

    Ace/Roc Website / AW thread

    Orbit Website

    Del Rey/Bantam/Spectra/Ballantine (Random House) Website

    Viking Penguin Website / AW thread

    John Joseph Adams/JJA Books (imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) Website / AW thread


    Headline/Hachette UK Website

    Gollancz** Website / AW thread

    Harper Voyager UK** Website / AW thread

    Tor UK/Pan Mcmillan** Website

    Orbit Website

    Hodderscape Website / AW thread



    Quirk Books* Website / AW thread

    Skyhorse* (Talos/Night Shade imprints) Website / AW thread


    Angry Robot** Website / AW thread

    Head of Zeus* Website / AW thread

    Titan Books Website

    Jo Fletcher Books/Quercus* Website / AW thread

    PS Publishing** Website / AW thread

    Rebellion Publishing/Solaris Books/Abaddon** Website / AW thread (Rebellion/Abaddon) / AW thread (Solaris)



    Journalstone** Website / AW thread

    Shadow Mountain Publishing* Website / AW thread

    Severed Press** Website / AW thread

    Tachyon Publications Website

    Prime Books Website / AW thread


    Edge Publishing* Website / AW thread

    Chizine Publications** Website / AW thread


    Immanion Press* Website / AW thread

    Tartarus Press* Website

    Kristell Ink** Website

    World Weaver Press** Website / AW thread

    No star = Agented submissions only.
    * = Usually open to unsolicted submissions.
    ** = Sometimes or occasionally open to unsolicited submissions/open calls.
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