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Thread: Subgenre?

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    So I've heard 50 Shades (didn't like that book, BTW) called "romance erotica."

    Does anyone know what the genre would be for an extremely sexually graphic (this obviously being its ultimate purpose) novel-length piece that has a solid backstory - I'd say probably 25-30% non-sexual, suspenseful material?

    In other words, this would be something with a little meat to it (oh yar har! See what I did there?), something more than just a very brief plot to move things forward - the reader is intended, in between, well, juicier reading, to be really caught up in the mystery that is motivating the MC. It's a little mind bend-y. But the sexual material is extremely graphic. The book does explore the MC's feelings in depth, but would that mean it fit with the "romance erotica" genre? I am not really feeling it as a "romance." It's not a "she was so beautiful that he couldn't help himself...he leaned her gently backward but with strong hands, hands that had explored others but which had never been compelled to be quite this soft, this searching before...she gasped..." sort of thingie.

    I don't know if this would be "just" erotica and where such a thing would be submitted to...?

    Thanks for any help. <3

    ETA: Reading down this forum, I feel like I should clarify. I see subgenres such as romance erotica. This would seem like a subgenre since there is the mystery/psychological suspense BUT it is definitely not mainstream fiction AND "romance" isn't the driving factor. The MC has feelings for a particular person which definitely drive the plot but if that person were taken out of the story there could easily still be most of the major motivations. So what other types of subgenres might this fit, I guess is what I'm asking (ugh, grammar, sorry).

    I hope all this makes sense! Have only had one cup of coffee this morning.
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