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Thread: Roy Moore: Predator(?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizmonster View Post
    I lived with an alcoholic with NPD for a few years. Every single nefarious thing he accused me of doing was something he'd done (or was dreaming of doing) himself. He was skilled at putting me on the defensive, and "forgiving" me for things I hadn't done.

    The Right Wing feels very familiar to me.
    I spent some years with an abusive, emotionally manipulative person, and I completely agree. The gaslighting, victim blaming, imposition of shame, and denial of stark reality are absolutely textbook. But it's a large chunk of our country who is currently being manipulated, shamed, and intimidated into truculent compliance.

    What I still don't know is whether or not my abuser (and the so-called new right) know they're doing this. Is it a deliberate, conscious form of manipulation, or are they as taken in as their victims?
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