It's election night in Virginia, and the polls have just closed.

Live Updates

Many news outlets are calling this one to watch to see how people are reacting to the national leadership in the White House and Capitol. Historically, the governorship has flipped-flopped, with the party losing the prior year's presidential contest usually taking the Governor's Mansion. Polls as of this morning had the Democrat Ralph Northam with only a low-single digit lead over GOP's Ed Gillespie.

Should Northam win, Dems will see that as a repudiation of the President, while the election of Gillespie would indicate approval. Myself, with so close a margin it's really hard to say. The state has always had close elections, especially since 2010. Within the margin of error, you could get a different result through random chance.

What say all of you? Will tonight be a litmus test of what we might see in 2018 mid-terms? Or is that eons from now in politics-time and won't mean much?

Are there any elections you're watching closely?