I know similar questions have been asked, but I'm asking this one on kinda specific details. I was planning on having dwarves in my story, I could have smeerpves, but they're dwarfy enough that if they aren't human they may as well be actual dwarves. The reason I wanted dwarves is because one particular group of them are fine craftsmen (of course), but they are insanely perfectionist. They could spend a year doing really intricate engravings on something, make a barely perceptibly mistake, and throw the whole thing away and start over. It seems like the longer lifespan of dwarves would be kind of required for that sort of time wasting to be at all feasible. Humans just wouldn't have enough time to get skilled enough and then waste that much time in their prime working years. Economically the wasted time wouldn't be a problem because of the extremely high prices they get for their goods. Opinions?