How do agents feel about images/pictures in queries?

Here's the argument:

- Liking it or not, the cover of a book influences its sales. I attended a conference talk where the author told us he had to change its cover from something that he thought was meaningful for his SciFi book, to a generic "spaceship in space" cover that screamed "I'm scifi damn it!". Note that here the "sale" is from the author to the agent, and not to readers, but the technique is similar.

- We live in an age where books have trailers (I'm not linking anything here because most of them are for-sale stuff). Again, this is for readers, but the first sale you make is to your agent.

- Even some twitter pitch events now allow you to do a "media pitch".

Since I'm ready to start pitching again, and I was working on the media pitch, I thought that perhaps it'd be a good idea - something that makes the agent look twice, perhaps even improve her day after reading through several queries

On the other hand, this could be seen as trying too much, and have the opposite effect.

So, adding pics/images to queries: good, bad, or meh?