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Thread: Continuing to Query While an Agent Has Your Full?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggy B. View Post
    Some agents will ask to be notified if someone else has/does make a full request, but they typically ask for names. This is to keep you honest and lying about it will make you look bad.
    That's true, some of them will. It's not the *exact* same scenario, but when I was in the query trenches and finally got an offer on my novel, I sent out my notifications to the other agents that had the full and one of them actually did ask who was making the offer. I'm sure part of it was curiosity, but another part was also that it is a small world, and it doesn't hurt to send out feelers and make sure that a potential client who just announced an offer is "legit," and really is just trying to narrow down choices, rather than try and force a situation into rushing everyone else into an offer.

    Unfortunately, "fake offers" have happened. I believe there was as scam just earlier in the year with multiple agents all receiving the same "threat" of offer, like clockwork, two weeks after a query was submitted.
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