So, likely a really dumb question but one that's come up with my new project. I had a character named Mwfanwy in my first book (very, very minor, some conversation about how to pronounce) Now, I have an MC named Sadhbh, because I have always loved that name! In the first chapter, she goes to a meeting where of course someone can't pronounce her name, so there is a natural discussion of it, but a friend glanced at the chapter and had an immediate reaction (not having gotten to that part) --she was like - what the...?

I don't want obstacles to people enjoying my story, but I also want my character to have her name! And it is relevant--life has bumped her around a little, she's lost a lot and her name is important to her (I also have a name that isn't always obvious to people, unless they're familiar with it!)

Anyway, maybe this isn't a thing, but seeing someone's reaction, I'm thinking it may be and I should use something else.