DL - Yay for a good break AND getting words down. *Thumbs up!* (And yes, pens live in fear of me for I am the Pen Slayer)
Layla - Wow, that is one full day, grats on getting some writing done
ktz - DAMN that's a great writing session!

So, pro tip guys, never, ever, EVER read a book about self editing and then try to work on your WIP. I read my new book by Renni and King and I ended up stalling so bad because I was critiquing every syllable I wrote as I wrote it. It took about 3/4 of my work shift and finishing up FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS (which is AWESOME btw) before I was able to put pen to paper and write. And by the time I got done writing, I realized I'd have to trash everything I wrote! My MC's waxing on about how she yearns to find love when, the previous chapter, was all like, "Love only hurts you and I don't want to be hurt again" and I'm like, "F*********ck." So, I hope to do better tonight. Really do. Cause urgh.