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Use a pseudonym even if it's not secret. This will help automatic suggesting engines keep similar things together and keep such groups cohesive. Say Smith writes about 3 very different subjects. Someone buys one book from Amazon and starts getting reccomendations of the others, but most of them are not interesting and pollute the algorithm. If he used a distinct name for each subject, the rec’s would be spot on, and the system would learn that people who read one often buy others as well, and strengthen its idea that it is fruitful to reccomend.
Thanks. This tallies with most of what I've read and it sound sensible. It also means I have the fun of choosing a name!

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Don't rely on a pseudonym to protect your anonymity.

Don't worry about using a pseudonym yet. Write your book. Don't assume it'll be ready by January: you're going to need a lot of time to revise it once it's done, and rushing this stage is a very common reason for rejection. If and when you find an agent to represent you, speak to them about using a pseudonym.
Thanks for the reminder about the risks of rushing. I'm trying not to focus so much on the icing that I forget to bake the actual cake. However, I do find that my writing is better and more focused when I have a deadline, so even if I haven't been given one I like to impose one on myself. I have two friends who can just sit down and write without any sort of timetable, but I've never been able to do that.