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Thread: Name impressions

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    Smile Name impressions

    Hey fellow SFFers,

    I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we share impressions of/guesses on the names we've invented for our characters. (Yes, there is nothing objective about any set of syllable making a character have certain characteristics, though some sounds lend themselves to some traits better than others-- so far as English is concerned; not going to mix anything up with languages that are really different, like Mandarin or Swahili). If nothing else, it could be fun to see each others' guesses, and maybe get some feedback on what looks too complicated or basic or what have you to fresh eyes.
    So, how about we list our characters and share our impressions of them (personality, physique, role in story, whatever you'd like to add). It probably won't hurt much if you give a smidgen of background, but the less you include, the more name-focused the impressions will be.
    I'll start with a list of some from one of my fantasy wip (It has: no magic, no bizarre races, or unusual creatures; just a place with a different history- I'm not going for anything really bizarre, but I also don't want names from our world, or spelling variations as it's completely unconnected to our world).


    (Accent always falls on the second-to-last syllable, if you care to know- unless otherwise marked, of course).

    You certainly don't need to comment on all of these, I'd just be grateful for whichever ones you pick.
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