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Thread: Advice on plausibility for my setting

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    Quote Originally Posted by frimble3 View Post
    My dad recalled 'Bonfire Night' being done when he was a kid on Vancouver Island in the '30s, but it died out - it became all about the fire/arson and the significance of Guy Fawkes just sort of vanished. I imagine WWII put an end to it.
    I imagine if it had been kept up, there would be two groups, those who use any excuse to see stuff burn, and those who would nit-pick every detail: "No random figures! No modern figures! No political satire! It's Guy Fawkes himself, or it's not going on our fire!" "Only organic wood! No kerosene, no Ikea cast-offs!"
    That's really interesting.

    I'm imagining what it might be like if someone in the future tries to immortalise 2017 Guy Fawkes.... "Jack, you are to be the Safety Inspector. We have to fill in the "form" and submit it to you, then you must visit our bonfire site and declare that it's sound and allow us to go ahead. Jane and Jenny, you must print and distribute the "flyers" to call people forth to the festivities, and it must include a warning to keep pets and small children away..." Then Jill says, "but on the flyers we must compete with our rival displays. We must say "we have three firework displays and fairground rides for the teenagers" and they then respond "but Lo, we have better fireworks and live music and two licenced bars..." and then the people of the town of Lewes trump us all with "we have a giant effigy of Trump to burn"
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