Hey all. Long time, no see.

I finished my first novel about three months ago and have just recently started revising. However, I've encountered a problem that I think I should have probably expected but wasn't prepared for.

I'm way too attached to my writing.

I mean, if my opinion counted in any sense, I would say my story is awesome and I love it. It isn't hyperbolic either. I am literally in love with my writing. But I also know objectively, especially since this is the first novel I ever completed, that there has to be universal problems within the plot and the characters. But somehow, the fact that I enjoy my own writing so much makes me concerned that when I give it to the others to read, they are going to knock me down so many pegs that I may just give up on writing completely.

I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems in the past and, if so, how they managed to overcome it? Thanks in advance for all replies.