Hello everyone!

I'm not sure where to put this thread, so here it goes. It isn't a writing question per se, more of an "inspiration writing" question. I always wanted to ask people this, but never exactly found a group of people who would answer me this without being weirded out. Most always ask "why do I want to know?" and it's embarrassing to reply that I want to write fiction. So, this forum seems like a good place to ask:

Are there any smells, to your experience, that smell like other things?

People told me, for instance, that railtracks in subways smell like fried liver, or that there are plants in Asia that smell exactly like semen. I am looking for these kinds of observations, do you have any to add?

The problem is, I am anosmic which means I lack the sense of smell, and therefore have no idea how to perceive one or to describe one. I mainly just copy what other people write, and it seems to fool some readers well enough, until not =). Yes, sometimes I mess up terribly, and people are confused about my smells descriptions, mostly when I try to be more evocative and flowery, or just metaphorical in describing a scent or aroma. I know that for a person who has no idea what smells are, it is a basis for failure, but I do love writing pretty images and on-point (in my opinion) similes. But while with colors and sounds it might work fine, with smells I am underwhelmed with my "simile/metaphor game". If you know something, or some scent has ever struck you as an unusual one, or an inspiring one, please tell me. I am very curious and would be glad for every little observation.

I've been told by people that smells are very subjective. Some people tell me nail polish smells awful, others say it smells wonderful. Most everyone says cut grass is amazing, and that pertichor is a lovely smell - two of the best there are. One person says he liked the smell of creosote, and I even had no idea something like that would smell, so it is a useful thing for me to know about. So, on par with odd smells, could you also please tell me what, in your opinion, smells amazing?

Thank you in advance, and sorry if it is ill-placed here.