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My agent did not ask me what else I was working on, but he was also asking for intense revisions. (So he may have wanted to focus on the work at hand and not have me distracted with other projects.) But, whenever I start something new I send him a few opening chapters plus a pitch so he can see how I envision selling it. (Even if we change the pitch later, we still have a starting point so he can consider who he might send it to.) So, if you start working on your pitching skills now you will find that useful in later interactions regardless of whether the phone call involves a discussion of other work.
Thanks for this excellent advice. My agent didn't ask what else I was working on at first either; we had some big revisions ahead of us on the first book. Later I told her a bit about the follow up but it was in a conversation about how the first book and me as a writer should be marketed, what kind of stuff I want to be known for. Since my stories cross genres, this was important. We were able to talk about how the follow up could be angled to fit the (I hate this term) "brand."