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Thread: Trekkies, I need you!

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    Species 8472 comes to mind, although they weren't truly insects.

    There was also TOS:Wink of an Eye where the crew becomes "insects" of a sort. :-)

    Raymond Fiest has an insect race called the Cho-ja. Very well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizmonster View Post
    There were those worm-critters in Conspiracy that took over the Admiralty and were never heard of again.
    You mean the ones that came from the Delta quadrant? Where Voyager was stranded a few years later? And yet they never encountered them? Or even worried about it, like, "Oh, hey! We're in the same part of the galaxy as those alien bugs that take over people's brains. Maybe we should check the back of our necks once in awhile, just to be sure we're all still human. . . ."

    Those worm things?

    (Why, yes, I am still annoyed that a perfect tie-in was ignored by Voyager's writers. Nice of you to ask. )
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