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I have decades more experience and qualifications in publishing than this guy and ain't opening any publishing business. The paperwork alone should send anyone running. Contracts, payouts, figuring royalties, dealing with (gasp) writers! No, thank you. I might end up with a pack of unreasonable divas just like me!
It's exactly this--all the stuff that nobody starting from the outside considers: book return shipments showing up in the rain, hardware/software breaking at the busiest time, editors getting sick or going on maternity/paternity leave, etc.

To be clear, I have exactly one month of publishing experience, on an internship at a small publisher that probably wasn't all that great and has long been no more.

We tried hard.

And that's not good enough.

It doesn't make a jot of difference if the experience isn't there to get books to market. The main thing I learned that month is how much mistakes in the first couple years matter. That house had some successes. It had some things going for it. You just don't get time to make even the more forgivable rookie mistakes. The people I worked with were smart people, but by the time they'd fixed some of the early wrinkles, the place was on its last legs. I left at the end of my month and it went out of business a few months later.

Nobody wins.