So I signed up with Partridge Publishing to publish one of my books and it wasn't a great experience. I won't go into it in detail other than to say that their service left much to be desired. Wasn't a total waste though, since I got valuable insight into the process and I published a book.

But that's not the purpose of the thread. The purpose is to ask if anyone here has experience with Partridge's marketing services? One of their staff contacted me to ask if I would like to engage their services for marketing. They promise to do TV spots, write a review on Goodreads and other kinds of advertising for me.

I don't currently have any advertising for my book, so it's no wonder my sales are low. But I'm wary of throwing good money after bad, especially since they do not guarantee sales.

Does anyone have experience with this company and their marketing? They are an imprint of Author Solutions. Didn't turn up in the Index when I checked.