I recently had some strong interest from a few agents. I have about 8 fulls out at this point and I've been querying long enough to know how the process works. For the most part.

Recently, I've been asked by an agency if I would be open to revisions to make the MS even stronger. I've researched the agency as much as I can, looking at their website, looking through Publisher's Marketplace and googling. I searched here quite extensively without an account. I've probably only seen mention of them twice. This agency has produced many Caldecott and/or Newberry winning books, National Book Award noms, but most of them are pretty older, and the agents who appear on google are no longer with the agency.

I would love to work with this agency. The agent I've been communicating with seems amazing and very good about communication. However, I also want my manuscript to sell.

I'm hesitant to even post here, because I don't want to seem ungrateful for the interest, but I like to do my research and I've found it nearly impossible to find booksales/ track records anywhere. On this forum, they are listed as a reputable agency. I've also heard people on here say they are a great agency, but this was on older posts and no specifics were given about WHY this agency is so great. Is there anyone I can talk to privately on here?

Should I be concerned at all?