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Like blacbird, I had the ending in place. I also had a few set-pieces I wanted to do, like a train robbery. So it's essentially playing connect the dots.
This is me to a T. I've finished four novels this way, working on the fifth. And each time it's easier (except for this last time when I tried to write in a linear fashion. Muse was having none of that.)

I usually know the ending, major scenes, and enough about my characters to have a good film reel going in my head. I start fairly linear, writing out the first fourth or so of the novel. Then I start jumping to where the characters are talking (again, often tends to be major scenes) and fill in the blanks. If anything, I get stuck for a bit around the climax sometimes, figuring out how that goes to pull off the overall tone I'm going for in the novel.

It's almost always fun, and my characters often surprise me!

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I do scribble down my ideas. On paper. I have tons and tons of notebooks and a file cabinet full of story notes. <snip > There are also several computer programs that might help organize ideas if you don't want notebooks laying around everywhere.
I also do A LOT of this. Both in notebooks and in OneNote. Especially for series related ideas.

Go with what gets the creative juices going, curlz. You can always come back and refine later. But you can't refine what isn't there