I never outline. There's no point for me because when I actually start writing, the story/characters want to go in a different direction to the outline anyway. Regarding structure - I keep in mind where the story's at with regards to whether more stuff needs to happen or I need more action or whatever, and throw that in as necessary. It starts with a character in a situation and ends with some kind of resolution. I don't know what the exact resolution is until I get there but start to have some idea along the way. Also, sometimes the end result is obvious from the beginning (if a character has a specific problem, then the resolution of that problem is the end) but exactly how the character gets there and solves the problem isn't clear until I get there.

Also, I'm constantly rereading and editing what I've written to make sure that the next scene follows on naturally and also that everything's moving in the right direction and not going off on a massive tangent (small tangents are okay). I tried moving the story forward more and rereading less (following advice to get x amount of new words written each day) and the result was a mess that's going to take some major fixing (but fixing is what I'll do, even if I have to rewrite stuff to fix it). I need to keep on rereading and editing as I go, fixing issues as I come across them (or marking them for fixing/destruction if I can't think how to fix it right then). I don't write a whole first draft then fix the whole thing. I write, reread and edit on a scene by scene basis and doing as much reading back as I need to to keep it all coherent. Usually, by the time I get to the end, 99% of the editing's already done. IMO this method of editing works well with pantsing. It's also something to consider for writers who get overwhelmed by the idea of fixing an entire first draft (whether plotters or pantsers).

I have one WIP where I wrote about 150,000 words (forgot the exact number but it's in that order of magnitude) of amorphous, structureless mess but I didn't set out writing it with any plot or structure in mind and was writing it purely for my own amusement. It didn't really get to the end and could've gone on for way longer but I realised that it would make a good story that other people would like if I rewrote it with a bit of structure, and also there's a load of really good ideas, already developed characters and good dialogue in the original that I'm cherrypicking to include in the rewrite. It was a good exercise and character and idea development. I'm enjoying rewriting it. I wouldn't be able to edit the original into anything coherent so it had to be a rewrite with cherry picking, and if I'm honest, there's way more rewriting than cherrypicking.