I've tried not planning ahead. It was for a NaNo, but it doesn't matter. Pantsing is a thing, some people just write and see where it goes. When I do it, it goes all over the place! There is too much introduction and build-up. Then I find myself 3/4 through the wordcount without a culmination point in sight. You know, like when Luke Skywalker has to go to the Deathstar, but he also has to go to other places before that, meet other people and do other things, but when I write things like that the MC goes to lots of places and does lots of things and there's no Deathstar in sight for at least 10 more chapters

So, if anybody here has been pantsing their novel and have actually reached "The End" and was relatively happy with the result, please share your wisdom here. Did you just do a massive edit afterwards, chopping off chapters and scenes? Or... is there another secret to keeping proper story structure while still pantsing? Or, is outlining inevitable?