For sure.

Sometimes a book that's trunked can find new life when you sell a different book.

If you were to sub to Luna Press, it would be a good idea to question them thoroughly about when they consider a book out-of-print and how long a book has to be out-of-print before the rights revert. That way, if you sold Book B and an editor agreed with you about Book A, you could potentially re-publish it.

But with a lot of POD houses the book is never truly "out-of-print" (in some ways, it's never truly "in print" to begin with) so it's very important to hammer the timelines and what constitutes "out-of-print" in the contract.

Not that you're necessarily going with Luna Press. Just that these are the sort of questions that matter with a publisher beyond whether the covers are good and the books well-edited (which also matters, don't get me wrong).

Good luck with the other books, and with finding a home for this one!