I just spent the month(ish) in seclusion writing a young adult novel set on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, which I walked in 2014. It is, in a few short words, Breakfast Club meets Camino de Santiago. Had such an incredible time with it! Exhausting, lovely, crazy, intense, insane. My agent gave me a deadline, and I almost nailed it. I was a day late so I sent her the first 6 chapter...and I received an incredible love note on them...which helped me to buckle down and get the rest to her. Now. I sit. I wait. I cross my fingers!

Also...book cover for Pride Must Be A Place, which releases Feb 6/18. So excited. My first LGBTQ YA novel! https://ktcraig.com/

NOW...on to my Brussels set YA...excited about this one. NO...I'm not sleeping. YES...I'm writing ALL THE THINGS!