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My strong suspicion is that the Republicans are hoping the tax cuts will give the economy enough of a temporary boost that it helps them survive the 2018 midterms..
That's what they are hoping for, sure. But, at this date, that tax bill has about a 25% approval rating, last figures I saw. And it is the classic ploy of the Grover Norquist-thinking GOP establishment, fiddle with the Federal Income Tax brackets, with one hand and take away all manner of other economic things that benefit middle- and lower-income people with the other.

But even with that, I saw an article just today that cited important Republican strategists saying that the biggest problem the GOP has is the behavior of the POTUS, and the drag that is having on the overall approval rating of the party as a whole. It's pretty dire, and the smart folks in the Party background recognize this. I can't cite the article, because I don't recall which of the fake news sources it came from, BBC or NBC or ABC or CNN, you know, those people who just make up shit, in contrast to the National Enquirer Extruder. I didn't go to the grocery story today, so I don't know what the truth is.