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Magnus - congrats! Keep on going! You're on track for an incredible month.
Layla - your writing habits sound wonderful and relaxing! I'm jealous, haha.
DL - I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. Sending my best thoughts!
Peartree - I completely understand having shitty problems, and I hope you can work through them to get some good words down. Either way, sending hugs.
Keithy - Keep it up! You make really good progress through things, I like to see the updates.

Today, I realized that since my coworker gifted me a new phone (to use until we leave Japan next year), I can finally get apps from the app store again (my old iPhone 4 wouldn't update to iOS 8 and thusly I could no longer download anything). This means I was finally able to get Google Docs on my phone, and that now I can write during my train commute! At least when I'm able to sit, as it takes two hands. But this is a game-changer for both now and next month's NaNoWriMo. Partly thanks to this, and partly thanks to it being a low-class day for me, I got 1,513 words written today! I'm feeling very accomplished, things are finally moving along in the story and I feel like I'm back on more stable ground.
That's awesome about the writing! Is your username a reference to the What Katy Did books?