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Thread: Thoughts on Success with Nonfiction Books

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    Thoughts on Success with Nonfiction Books

    This might be obvious, not sure, but one way I've noticed some authors doing well with NF is just by getting in early on new trends. Even googling "trends in (general area of interest)" can give you some great ideas and you don't have to be the very first, either. You just have to learn fast and write fast and be early enough. If you can locate rising trends within an area you can handle competently, then get in there and put together a decent book while public interest is rising and self-publish it quickly, might be a huge edge, even if you don't have a lot of credentials (assuming common sense in topics chosen, of course).

    Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Both of my published books are used by teachers as supplemental texts. So the best thing I've done for sales is to get them into the hands and/or into the notice of teachers who might use them.

    (I have credentials for the yoga book; my only credentials for the Sikhism book is that I live this life. I have a BA, but no advanced degrees.)


    Siri Kirpal
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    If an author is familiar with cutting edge trends and has the resources get a book developed quickly, sure that's great. I don't think it's something you can just choose to do. It has to do with know the people, having the background knowledge, getting the inside track etc.
    Emily Veinglory


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