I guess this is probably about as good of a place as any to post this, and I -think- it's a technical issue, so...

Here's the situation. I have a Facebook author page that I set up, maybe about a year ago. I do not have a huge amount of 'friends', maybe thirty or so, mostly in the Continental US. My author market targets the United States.

For some time, I've been getting a series of random page 'likes' from individuals I have no connection with whatsoever, and no obvious connections to any of my 'friends.' They are mostly East Indian, young, male, and students.

I didn't think much of it at first (and by the way, I welcome any and all exposure) but I've been noticing a pattern. SOME of these East Indian, young, male, students, not apparently heterosexual, hailing from different parts of India, look like they might be possibly the SAME DUDE. Timelines have multiple repeated posts, in semi-English gibberish. What this leads me to suspect is that someone, possibly Facebook itself, is using like-bots from fake automated accounts. There has been no interest in any of my books on the Indian market save for a handful of page reads once back when I was in the Amazon KU program.

Why? I don't know. I have 'boosted' a couple posts and Facebook actively encourages me to boost more from time to time, maybe to stimulate interest?

Anybody have any insight on this? Or am I just reading something in to that which isn't there? Again, I'm happy to see the positive exposure, it just seems illogical to me.