I thought there was a thread on this already, but can't locate it now.

I watched it last night on CBS broadcast.

Not impressed.

People seem so intent on remaking what Gene Roddenberry was so successful in creating. Bluntly, a utopia. Sure, unrealistic. I'd agree. But the camaraderie and interplay in a spirit of cooperation gave me something to which I could aspire.

There's no aspiration here. The characters felt flat, rather than conflicted.

And a human able to do the nerve pinch? I could have my canon incorrect, but I thought TOS said no human could do this.

It wasn't terrible. Just so-so. Not worth the streaming subscription for me. The Klingons were not a compelling enemy, either.

As I recall, TOS opened with something more personal, rather than attempting to be epic.

I think the makers of this show don't understand why the series of series works. They wanted "their" work tacked on to an existing franchise. For myself, it's not crash and burn, but it's fail all the same.