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I'm super proud to say, of the top 20 20th Century ban-targeted books on the Radcliffe list posted at AbsoluteWrite[dot]com, I've read 17. I'm even MORE proud to say that all but 2 of those 17 were part of a school curriculum when I read them. The other two I read voluntarily, and 2 of the three I *haven't* read, I will now. (Sorry ULYSSES, you're out. I tried you but it's hard to read through glazed-over eyes.)
I've read 10 of the top 20, 6 of which I read as school assignments. Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, 1984 and Catch 22 weren't school assignments.

I found it interesting that Captain Underpants was on the complaint list in five different years. It was very popular in my son's grade school. They were among the hundreds of chapter books I bought for him.