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Thread: Banned Books Week starts here, starts now. [We have a Winner!]

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    Banned Books Week starts here, starts now. [We have a Winner!]

    Banned Books Week is an annual celebration of our intellectual freedom to read what we like and want to read. The 2017 Banned Books Week starts today, September 24th, and runs through Saturday, September 30th. Information, resources, and elseweb celebration activities can be found at American Library Association: Banned Books Week 2017.

    We're kicking off the celebration here in Roundtable with the following challenge, which was borrowed and adapted from the ALA:

    Take a selfie holding a banned/challenged book or have someone take a photo of you holding up a banned/challenged book and post it in this thread.

    A prize drawing will be held at the end of Banned Books Week. Only those post numbers containing a photo of you with a banned or challenged book will be entered into the drawing. Who knows, you could be the winner. (Winner will have to send me their mailing address to receive their special something-something*.)

    *No, I won’t tell you what the "something-something" is; it’s a surprise. You know this much: Iffen I'm gonna need your mailing address, it's something you can hold in your hands.
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