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Thread: Complete newbie

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Sep 2017

    Complete newbie

    Hi guys, I have read through some threads on here (but of course I could not read through them all) and I hope that I will not be repeating what was already asked. I would like to get writing, I have been walking around for some time with some scenes and an idea in my head - if you will - and i want to try to maybe put the "idea" in a book. I understand that an idea is probably not enough to have a book, but maybe if I work on it, it can turn into something.
    I have reading through the plotting and some exercises, but my story (so far) does not quite have a designated antagonist.
    I want to write a book a book from the point of view of "the other woman", basically an impossible love story about 2 people crazy in love but prisoners to circumstances - both are married. The more general idea that i want to demonstrate is that "the other woman" also has feelings, and love is not quite so black and white sometimes.

    Any ideas, views as to how i should proceed, what i should start with - I would highly appreciate it.

    Thank you,


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    writer, rider, reader...ex-pat! BethS's Avatar
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    Just start writing. You already have your "seed": an idea and some scenes. Plant it and see what grows from it. You don't have to know in advance everything that's going to happen, or anything, for that matter.

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    The One Who Tells The Story relletyrots's Avatar
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    I want to second BethS's advice. Just write. I know, it's hard to actually sit down and get your ideas onto the blank page, but it must be done.

    It's easy to keep everything in your head, where it's safe. It took me a while before I actually managed to make myself sit down and write, but here I am, 25,000 words later and counting.

    You should choose one of those scenes, and just get on with it. You'll be surprised at how much complexity, depth and clarity stem just from writing the first chapter(s) down.

    Regarding the antagonist: focus on writing a good story. If it needs a traditional antagonist, one will emerge naturally. Worry about that later, and for now, dive in. Revisions can (and will) be made.

    Another point to make is that, being a newbie, you don't really know your writing preferences yet. Do you outline everything? Do you discovery-write? Do you write pages of character biography for reference, or keep the details in your head? All of these will become clear in time. For now, start writing, and see where that leads you. Do whatever feels most natural to you. But do it.

    Good luck!
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    Let's see what's on special today.. Bufty's Avatar
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    Welcome, thelondongal.

    Another diito here. Start writing- you'll be on page two before you know it...then follow your instinct.
    Everything yields to treatment.

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    Come on you stranger, you legend, Devil Ledbetter's Avatar
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    I wrote a blog post about what we writers mean when we tell newbies to "just write" and why it's important to stop worrying and get the first draft written down warts, plot holes and all.

    Your first draft: getting out of your own way.

    Welcome to A.W.

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    We just don't know. fairybee's Avatar
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    Sep 2017
    As others have said: seriously, just go for it. Just start writing. Write scenes you want to write out of order if you have to. As someone working on branching, non-linear stores (video games, to be concise) I've noticed skipping ahead is often how I end up getting the idea that ties everything together.

    Writing your story does not have to be a walk from point A to point B. It could be more like house cleaning. You might have a good idea of where to start, and probably what your goal is, but you're going to find toenail clippers on the kitchen floor and have to take them to the bathroom. Or suddenly realize how much more efficient your shelving would be if you moved some stuff in and out of the drawers. Maybe you'll make a bigger mess in the process. That's okay! Go for it!

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Sep 2017
    Hi guys, thank you so much for all the messages! I found them greatly encouraging. I even had a bit of a breakthrough in my head as to how I may add a bit of organisation to what I already had in my head (you see I love me some organisation )


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