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Thread: 22. Blank At Point-Blank Range

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    My husband's college roommate was murdered by multiple shots with a .22 ETA: handgun. He was delivering pizzas in a high-crime neighborhood (this was the early 90s) and the customer decided to rob him. He ran from the townhouse door to his car on the street, so a distance of 10-20 feet from the shooter, though possibly closer as I think the killer chased him. Apparently he bled to death in his car before 911 could respond.

    ETA: From a news article about the murder:
    One .22-caliber slug hit him in the arm as he ran to his car and dived in. He tried to hide, but the gunman fired through the window. By the time the sixth bullet struck, [he] lay slumped over the steering wheel.
    What made those .22 shots particularly deadly in his case is that they entered his torso but did not have enough energy to exit, so they bounced off his ribs etc. like pinballs wreaking havoc on his vital organs.

    Your suicidal character would likely have researched this. I could see him aiming at his heart to the left of his sternum. I don't know much about blanks but could the explosive gases burn him (maybe similar to an airbag)?

    p.s. The killer, then a teenaged gang member, was caught and is still serving a life sentence.
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