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Hi, Rosalie!

I'm an author in the contest-entering phase of my life. Besides cost, the main thing that deters me from entering contests is awareness of how submissions numbers are exploding in online submissions. Services like Duotrope have made it so much easier to find and enter contests; competing against everybody in the English-speaking world, the odds often don't seem worth it. Too many times, I've sent work to a journal and been told "we already picked everything for this issue," though the journal's submission call was still open. I worry that would happen with a contest, too, only I'd never hear about it--that I'd be sending work to judges who were overloaded and had already seen enough entries to find something they liked.

So, I'm more drawn to contests that limit entry to a narrower group (e.g., residents of a certain area), places that limit the number of contestants (either with a small time window to enter, or by closing submissions when a preset number of entries is reached), places that seek a narrower selection of work (that your contest was opened to all genres would actually make me less likely to enter), and places that charge lower fees (every time I consider a contest, I'm trading off how many journal submissions the entry fee would buy; I don't know if volume could make up for lower per-entrant fees, but--maybe?).

Best wishes to your writing group, and thank you for all your efforts hosting a contest. I hope things pick back up.
These are all really great points to take back to the Board. Thank you!