So, I figured this would be a topic for the Scifi/Fantasy forum even though it's a problem any genre could possibly face. It seems particularly prevalent here.

I'm writing a fantasy novel. I'm not going to say it's an epic fantasy because I don't know that for sure, but I've come upon a problem. My MC and her companion are about to set off on the journey to another part of the world, kicking off the travelling. But how does one make travelling interesting? Particularly at first where it seems ill-advised to throw every adversity the character's way?

I'm well versed in Lord of the Rings and could take that as an example, but I find those passages can be quite long and, unfortunately, boring, particularly in Two Towers when the book focuses on Sam and Frodo. I and many of my friends tend to gloss over much of that. But here I am in a similar (sort of) situation. No, my characters aren't wandering through a wasteland, but there are only two of them. More will eventually join, but just two means it's less opportunity for varied interaction. Which can be good, lead the readers into a sense of familiarity with the base two, but I worry about making it boring.