Hi all! First-time poster here...

I've been having a look at other threads on similar topics, but I just want to check a few things since I haven't found all the info I need.

Basically, my character (20 years old, male, average physical health) gets a slash wound to the stomach/abdomen by a dragon-like creature (he's not wearing any kind of armour). He's in the middle of a fight so he can't get medical attention straight away. I want the wound to be deep enough to cause significant blood loss pretty quickly (stage 3 hypovolemic shock, progressing into stage 4 - I've got info on the symptoms), but preferably no permanent nerve or muscle damage - though temporary damage is fine (and, I suspect, expected).

The character will get medical treatment in a modern hospital (the story is set in a 2011-ish American-like society), but he needs to be mostly or completely unconscious before he leaves the battlefield. He'll be transported to the hospital on the back of another dragon (there's too much damage to the surroundings for ambulances to get through in time), so he won't be lying flat, but it's not a long flight and there will be pressure on the wound. Ideally, I'd like him to go into cardiac arrest shortly before arriving at the hospital, but I do want him to survive with no serious lasting effects (ie. organ damage), so this can be taken out if it's not realistic.

I don't quite know how deep the wound would need to be for this kind of injury, and I'm not sure on the recovery time and process.

My main questions are:

1. How long would he likely be in surgery, and what kind of state would he be in immediately after surgery?
2. How long would it take for him to be allowed out of bed, and when would he be released from hospital?
3. What sort of nerve/muscle damage might he have to deal with during his recovery?
4. Would it be more realistic for him to have some kind of lasting complications, or can someone make a full recovery from this type of injury?

I hope this makes sense! Thanks guys! :-)