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What mpack says is a really good guide to use. Is it fantasy without the sex? If so, then it's likely fantasy with the sex, too, and you've got various readers of the genre here saying they have no problem with that and that it fits within the canon, too.

Ultimately it's going to be up to you. Thus the second link I left, to amergina's post. Write anything well enough and you can, more or less, do whatever you want. Which means it's more of a question of what you're comfortable writing, and that's a totally legitimate concern to have but it might be the sort of thing best solved by posting the relevant scene in SYW. Sex scenes are hard at the best of times, so they're a place where crit can help.

Don't worry too much about what "readers" will or won't accept. "Readers" are a generalization. There is no mass acceptance or rejection of books and stories. Whatever you write will find its audience.
That is very encouraging. I will probably have a go at SYW if I can ever find the stomach for it. I am sure it will be very helpful.