There's no rush. If you haven't yet finished the book, then see how it looks to you a draft or two down the line, with some distance. You can always take a scene out, or rewrite it.

Crit, by its very nature, will give you a range of response. SYW is no different. Some people will like a sex scene, some people won't. All this tells you is that different readers have different tastes in sex scenes.

You make the final decision based, at least from where I'm standing, on whatever you as writer are comfortable with. That's how I treat it. Go for crit when you know what you want to get out of the crit--i.e., what do you need to check? The more specific, the better. If you're concerned about the word choice, for instance, crit will help with that. Believability? People have experience. Whether it jars the story? Sure. No one will say "do this, don't do that," or, if they do, that's a pretty good sign not to listen to that person, especially when it comes to sex scenes. Every one is different.