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I was mostly deferring to veinglory's point re: the sex in recent fantasy. The books I've read definitely have sex scenes, but I can't claim to have read every book on the market the past few years.
I know what you mean. I can only read so much of what is out there, and my tastes will likely dictate the cross section I see. It may or may not be typical.

Fantasy is such a large genre that I'm constantly running into other fans of the genre, here and on forums dedicated exclusively to fantasy, who haven't read (or heard of) any of my favorite writers from the past 10 years or so (let alone before), even ones that are fairly well known (I thought) and published by big 5 imprints. Likewise, I often hear names of books and authors that don't ring any bells for me at all.

To the OP, there are a number of fairly popular fantasy writers that write books with very prominent romantic arcs set in secondary fantasy worlds--Maria V Snyder and Mercedes Lackey come to mind. They have sex in some of their books (even gryphon sex in a couple of Lackey's), though the scenes tend to be what I call "soft focus," meaning they mostly focus on the buildup, the emotional connection, and the languorous aftermath. These are writers (especially Lackey) who have been at it for many years now, however.