This may be personal but I figured I'd ask since I've had some difficulty.

What do you do for work?

Currently, I am droning away at a Call center, and have been at one or another for about 5 years. I can't seem to get myself out of a cubicle or away from the phones because they are the easiest jobs to land. I have two degrees in creative writing but alas- it's incredibly difficult to find a job in my field.

I write in my free time, which I have since I'm stuck in a non-career job.

I guess my question is as above, as writers what do you do for work?

If any of you have Bachelors or Masters in writing than your answer or any advice would be especially helpful as I've just been running into a stone wall for years with degrees I'm starting to feel were useless to get (and I REALLY don't want to feel that way.) I live in a city that's 20 minutes from Providence, RI and abut 40 from Boston, MA- so commutin and even finding a job as a writer/editor/copywriter should not be an issue but they seem almost non-existant even in these big cities.

Deep sigh.