Hey all,

Unfortunately I broke my hand a few months back, so the entire project has been on hold while I had surgery and physiotherapy and the like. Now it's healed to the point where I can type again, and it seems all the beta readers I sent this out to originally have disappeared in the interim without leaving me any feedback! So more would be appreciated now I can actually redraft it.

Airborne Empire is a 92k steampunk novel with shades of post-apocalyptic science fiction, which is designed to stand alone but also kick off a larger cycle of novels.

I'm looking for any constructive feedback I can get. I'm also looking for help with writing a query (as you can tell here) and would doubleplus appreciate any help there as I am hoping to traditionally publish.

I'm happy to exchange betas, and can likely get back to you with feedback pretty swiftly as I'm still technically on incapacity leave.

Please PM if interested!