Checking in! A day late, but whatever. I'm almost back to my routine

[X] Participate in the 3-Day Novel Contest.
[ ] Finish formatting the eBook I've been stalling on.
[X] Get a mailing list set-up.
[ ] Figure out a title/theme for the reprint short story collection I'm pulling together.
[ ] Finish the change I want to make to one of my novelleas (flipping some secondary characters around).
[ ] Do edits on the E shorty story, whenever they come in.

Constant Goals:
[ ] Changing sleep cycle; focus on night.
[ ] Clean my office.
[36] Write 1K words a day (for 52 weeks).

I am failing spectacularly on going to bed on time. It didn't help that I let my wake-up time slip an hour or two while I was on vacation. Ah well, back at it.