Checking in on my list and also changing a few things because I'm switching from ambitious to 'start somewhere that gives me positive reinforcement most of the time'. I don't know if that's exactly the way to put it. It means I'm changing from the ambitious 'write 45000 words' goal to trying to consistently write 500 words per day for the rest of the month. I probably should write a blog post about that or something.

1. Read 4 books (at least one must be nonfiction). Done: 1 / 4.
2. Write 12,000 words: Done: 3,456 / 12,000
3. Write 2 poems per week. Done: 4 / 10(?).
4. Stay current with all my study-related tasks.
5. Post at least 4 things on my blog. Done: 0 / 4.

Great to see everyone on this thread making progress towards their goals. Go for it, everyone!