Hi... Arjani ... thought I'd answer because I'm itching to start writing again. The marketing for There Be Demons is getting me down.

I have two worlds I've drafted stories in: a historical alternative Britainia world of a hybred group of elf/humans and a semi-modern magically realistic world of Andor which is being invaded by demons.

Again. I'll repost a possible plan to do critiques if you're interested.

Possible blurb: Two young mage teams must learn to cooperate in spite of their tolerance of preternaturals to defeat a coalition of demons determined to set up a safe have in Andor.

If the premise interests you, maybe we can arrange to set up an exchange where we comment on 2-3000 words every other week? PM me if interested.

What are you working on? In previous critque groups, I've found discussion of submitted work was the most constructive. I think a group would work for three-four people if anyone else is interested.