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Thread: Identifying Writer's Voice

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    It is true that a writer's voice can develop naturally, and often does.

    But as a reader and a magazine editor, I can say that some voices are more persuasive than others. When we open the first page of a story or novel, some make us want to read more, others don't.

    And while some of this is an amalgamation of years of writing and storytelling experience, at other points it is the narrative voice of that particular story. It is important to separate both when thinking about voice--the narrative voice emerges from the character, the writer's voice is the author.

    A long time ago, a tutor told me I should deliberately copy a few authors I admire-- take one of my stories, and emulate that author as much as possible. He said that those authors that I like are closest to my natural voice, only they have more years of craft behind them. I was then to forget about the exercises, and write my own stories. I did see a change in my writing after that exercise.

    A few exercises from this book also helped.
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