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Thread: Do I Need a Telephone in Addition to a Mobile Phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post

    And there is always a bit of “fuzziness” associated with your exact location, which Mr. Forgety described as less a specific spot than a fuzzy circle. And that information isn’t always available.
    It was about 50m - 300m back in 2014 as old handsets lacked GPS electronics and positioning was done through cell tower triangulation. It's better now that most smartphones have a GPS chip which sends coordinates along with the 911 signal. The app I installed on my cell shows a variance between 6 and 16 meters and I'm in my home's basement and surrounded by cinder blocks. That's 50 feet. If the police can't find my body within a 50 feet radius, a landline ain't giving me any advantage.

    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    “There can be problems if you are deep inside a building where the signals don’t penetrate well,” said Mr. Forgety.
    If one is so deep inside a building - say a multi-level underground parking - the odds of having a landline handset nearby are pretty slim. And if you are lucky enough to be close to one, what the 911 operators are likely to see are the building coordinates, not exactly where inside that building you are.

    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    “Or you can be in an urban canyon. GPS doesn’t work that well with lots of tall buildings around.”
    Let's get real. With the phasing out of public pay phones across North America, good luck finding one if you are outside.

    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    But it could take another 20 to 25 seconds for the dispatcher to receive a second batch of data with the specific location (which comes as longitude and latitude coordinates).
    This can be a valid argument although technology only gets better with time. Legislation, which mandates a minimum set of requirements, always lags technology by at least a decade. E911 rules were put in law in 2007.

    All in all, I still have a landline. Will always do. The classic 'Ma Bell one. Not the VOIP variety. I don't trust VOIP battery life. It's an issue not only during long power outs, but also with my alarm system which is linked to a central phone service.

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