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Thread: September Challenge Write (More) Every Day!

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    September Challenge Write (More) Every Day!

    Hello and welcome! This is a thread open for anyone who wants to start, maintain, or build up a writing habit.

    I was surprised and happy to find that several others not only participated in my Write Every Day thread for August but also found it helped them write more!

    So, we're doing it again! The basis for the idea is that repeating something daily – even in small doses – means you build a habit that you'll find harder and harder to avoid (you can read more about that in this blog post I wrote).

    So introduce yourself and your goals (if you want to) and try to post every day in September! It's entirely up to you how much and in what way you participate.

    A few tips and reminders:

    • Set achievable goals – I can't stress enough how important this is. Habits build over time, so look at your current writing habit and set a goal to increase it a little bit, in word count, time, and/or frequency.

    • Write every day – even if it's just a few sentences. It reinforces the habit.

    • Mix it up – Try different types of goals, different times of the day, different tricks to reward or motivate yourself. A good habit is what works for you, not someone else. For example, some people find it works best with a set time. Others – like me – prefer a conditional habit (my current goal is to write a little bit after breakfast). And so on.

    • Be patient – It takes a long time to build a strong habit and you'll always be facing new challenges. So get used to constantly adapting and you'll be better prepared for jumping the next hurdle.

    • You can't fail – When you don't hit your goal, your job is figuring out why. When you do, you can find methods that help you do better the next day. If you share your speculations on why you missed your goal in this thread, others will be able to help out with tips and tricks!

    Good luck, and see you on the 1st of September!
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