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Thread: Looking for someone who reads paranormal

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    practical experience, FTW Jamills08's Avatar
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    Apr 2017

    Looking for someone who reads paranormal

    I have a complete romantic thriller with paranormal elements. A lot like the movie ghost. I've swapped with a few CP's and I think I've gotten all the main plot, grammar, character development down, but none of my Cp's read novels with paranormal stuff going on. So anyone care to read some and give me overall thoughts? Finished it's 86,000. I'm not asking for a complete read through, but I'd like to hear from someone whose into the paranormal genre.

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    Sep 2017
    Hi! New member here. I love reading paranormal stories. I'm not currently writing anything paranormal- but I hope to, one day! One of my favourite paranormal romance writer is Nalini Singh :0
    I work as an English Language Teacher at the moment and I have a joint degree in English and Creative Writing- just to give you some background about me. If you want someone to do a read-through who will read it like a fan and lover of the genre, I am more than happy to.


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