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Thread: Starting over. Let the journey begin, again!

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    Hey all, another update!

    So even though I'm still deciding whether to submit to a publisher, I'm also planning my website and email hosting. That is something I'll need as an author, whether trade published or self published. There are so many options out there, it's hard to choose.

    My old pen name used all free things: Weebly, Gmail, and free Mailchimp for newsletters.

    This new pen name is going custom (paid), when I can afford it. I've researched almost all of the options available and decided to keep my limit at under $100 for email/website hosting.

    I do like Weebly. It's easy to customize, easy to use, but the "starter" plan is $8 a month. Not to mention I'd have to pay extra for G Suite (custom email). is a popular option, but most of the website hosts charge for 36 months, not yearly. Plus, when I tried, I couldn't get comfortable with the interface.

    I'm looking into Zoho for both website customization and email hosting. They don't have the greatest reviews, but they're cheap: around $80 a year. In this case, I don't think I'll use my custom email for important correspondence, through publishers or Paypal, etc. But primarily use it just for building my mailing list.

    If anyone checks in on this thread, does anyone have experience with Zoho? Or what do you guys use for website/email hosting?
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